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Travel with Confidence: How Yampu is taking initiative on the ground


Even though travel is still restricted in some countries, numerous destinations have devised advanced plans to welcome travelers again with different regulations and advanced safety protocols to ensure the health of both travelers and residents who rely on tourism.

We at Yampu have always made our travelers’ health and safety our first priority. We are pro-active to show our clients we are also taking precautions on the ground all around the world by briefing our guides, drivers & operations support team on how to keep our travelers healthy during their trips.

This is how we are protecting travelers who wish to travel during this time and how we seek to operate in the future.


Private Services

We continue to provide 100% private services as we always have. All cars that we source have been and will continue to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using the highest possible standards according to each government regulation.


Booking Top Hotels


By utilizing top accommodations, we can ensure our travelers’ safety. We make sure that all rooms and public areas are cleaned thoroughly then sanitized using electrostatic sprayers. Many of our hotels also offer hospital-quality HEPA H13 filter units to further purify the air. Now is also a great time to consider secluded nature lodges that can be reserved for entire families.


Using Select Airlines

We only use Airlines who value our travelers’ safety as much as we do. Along with only using select airlines, we will always strive not to book the middle seat and provide good Business Class options. It’s good to know that the risk of getting sick on a plane is much lower than you might think — if you know what to watch out for.


Thorough and frequent cleaning standards

All Yampu vehicles, as well as the staff, apply all cleaning standards issued by the local Health Ministry regulations of each country and the WHO (World Health Organization), in order to protect the health of our clients.


Temperature Checking 

Temperatures will be taken for all passengers before boarding the vehicle. If you have a high temperature, the health authorities will be notified, and they will determine the measures to follow before you can continue with your journey.


Monitoring of Staff Health

Our local staff undergoes regular medical examinations and is tested for COVID19 frequently to protect our guests and our staff’s health. Guides and drivers are asked to stay home if they are showing any signs of illness. Our swift operations team is always in touch and will immediately organize suitable replacements.


Local Hygiene Practices

We offer hand sanitizers to clients or offer to bring them to a local shop to purchase some. We remind clients to wash their hands as often as possible, especially before a meal. Travelers will be provided with alcohol and/or alcohol gel every time they board a Yampu vehicle.


Flexibility with itineraries

As always, Yampu is flexible with custom-made itineraries and can make any adjustments for your comfort. From replacing activities in crowded places with secluded nature experiences to rerouting your itinerary entirely.



Things to Keep in Mind

Always assess your own personal circumstances when deciding to travel. If you have a comprised immune system or work closely with children or the elderly, play it safe. However, if you don’t find yourself in these categories, understand taking the standard precautions, and following local guidelines can be enough to keep you and others healthy while enjoying your destination to its fullest.

Always practice handwashing etiquette while traveling, avoid touching your face, revert from crowds of people with fun outdoor activities within your destination, wear protective masks when social distancing is not possible, and know that your friendly tour operator is there for you while you make new travel memories.


We want your trip to be perfect, but rest assured that when things do not cooperate, The Yampu Team is there.


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