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Iguazu Falls, Argentina

One of our most popular requests is to see and visit Iguazu Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world and taller than Niagara Falls, and twice as wide. The Iguazu Falls and National Park are the largest in the Americas, surrounded by an amazing wildlife preserve in the middle of the jungle. The deep flowing waters of the river fall from a height of thirty feet through almost three hundred falls over two miles.

The Independent Traveler recently featured some of our favorites as well:


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

“On the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It measures more than a mile across, making it one of the world’s widest waterfalls. It’s also one of the most powerful — its noise can be heard for several miles.”












Athirappilly Falls, India

“Nicknamed “the Niagara of India,” Athirappilly Falls drops about 80 feet, rushing into the Chalakudy River in Kerala. Located in a lush green forest, Athirappilly has a sister, Vazhachal Falls, located about three miles away.” A visit to these falls can easily be added to our new tours in Kerala, India.
Photo credit: Mehul Antanl










Erawan Falls, Thailand

“Erawan Falls, a seven-tier, emerald-green waterfall, is the most popular attraction in Thailand’s Erawan National Park. The top tier of the waterfall is believed to resemble the three-headed white elephant from Hindu mythology, for which the waterfall is named.”   A visit to these falls is included in many of our tours in South-East Asia and Thailand.













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