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Being a Digital Nomad, free of restrictions of needing to work in a designated space like an office, has become a growing trend over the last decade as technology becomes more reliable and jobs move to online platforms. Gone are the days of the need for cubicles, small talk at the water cooler, and 9-5 office hours. Work culture is changing with technological advancements, and new trends are emerging from the Digital Nomad lifestyle of being destination independent, including school. Welcome the Student Nomads, where college students skip the high cost of dorm living for global education.

With the unfortunate current events, schooling online is no longer reserved for college students and is being implemented by many districts to combat the spread of COVID19. Many parents face difficult decisions while navigating this unpredictable storm with physical safety and mental health taking priority. Though the idea of homeschooling can be daunting, many parents are taking this opportunity to teach their children in a whole new setting. What are other options outside of homeschooling, and what are the benefits?

Not Homeschooling but Worldschooling


Homeschooling, unschooling, worldschooling, schoolcations, are all fancy buzzwords for experiential education. Studies have shown that those who are taught through firsthand experiences tend to absorb and retain information best by relation. Consider how important in-person activities like field trips are for students to better understand what they are learning. Now apply this to learning from outside the traditional school setting in the real world, and you get Worldschooling.

How Does Travel Enhance Education?


From learning about cultural differences and similarities in the world to seeing nature’s beauty in person, students better grasp information when it is immersive. In-person experiences through travel also promotes a lifelong love of learning about new things with a fun sense of adventure and relatability. It is much easier to recall important events and information from a personal standpoint outside of a textbook. Travel also teaches valuable life lessons that aren’t always learned through traditional schooling, such as independence, social skills, and world awareness.

Schooling and Work Online Means No Specific Location


As destinations in the United States and around the world begin to open, travelers can look into which destinations best suit their needs. If you have young children, you may look at destinations where the kids can be out in nature, learning about the physical world firsthand.

The Galapagos IslandsCentral America, Africa, South America, and US National Parks are some of the best destinations for outdoor learning. The best location will depend on the “Pod,” a trusted group of friends, and their specific needs. Our travel consultants can help you narrow down the best options.

For older high school or even college-age students, travel can be a huge part of their learning adventure and help prepare them for the future with real-world experiences. Depending on their interests, the world has endless opportunities from health and human services, cultural studies, art, and architecture to environmental and political sciences.

For adults wanting to buckle down in a serene environment where they can focus on work and play hard after hours, their destination of choice depends on how much they want to relax and how hard they want to play!

Region Specific Benefits of in Person Experiences

Costa Rica – Open now

Children will be enthralled learning about the wild rainforest, active volcanoes, and colorful marine life in Costa Rica. One experience we are very excited about sharing is seeing how rescue centers work with local communities to save injured or misplaced animals.

Peru – Open Now
learn about history, rainforest, culture, and the environment. One experience I am very excited about is having the kids see how scientists work in the rainforest, how they log and catalog plants, insects, and animals. Peru is one of our personal top favorites and is included in my video Fun itinerary Ideas for Multi-Generational Trips
The Galapagos Islands – Open Now

What better place to learn about Darwin’s theory of evolution than where the idea was born? This is one of the best places in the world to teach kids to love the environment. While they see and learn about many different species, things they have read in their science books will come to life. Watching the kids swim and snorkel with sea lions, sea turtles, and Galapagos penguins will make perfect memories for you while they learn to appreciate the delicate ocean ecosystem.

Mainland Ecuador – Open Now
Though the Galapagos is part of Ecuador, let’s consider these separately because while you are in this part of the world, you might as well show the kids both as the two are so unique to one another. Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, with the Andes and the many volcanoes, the cloud forest, the rain forest, culture, and nature is everywhere you look. It’s hard to not feel like a child yourself while exploring Ecuador!

Monica Irauzqui’s Suggested Travel Learning Opportunities for Worldschooling

Yampu Tours’ Vice President, Monica Irauzqui has traveled the world with her own children for over 20 years. Read how she suggests first enrolling into the Global Classroom below. 


I recommend starting two-three weeks in Ecuador to begin Worldschooling. Here, students will experience three biospheres: the Andes, The rainforest, and The Galapagos.



With a stay at Hacienda Zuleta, the family can get into a rhythm of world schooling. Adults can work, and kids can do remote learning, where there is strong Wi-Fi and plentiful common areas to work in. They don’t need to worry about cooking or cleaning for any meal, eat delicious food, and are looked after. They can focus on work and learning, and when the day is done, they have all of Zuleta to explore. They can be exposed to a different culture and history, learn and practice Spanish all in one place.

In the Andes, the kids will learn that the Equator is more than just a line on the map and will learn about the ancient civilizations and see how scientists work in the field.
I would then continue the journey with 5-days in the cloud forest or the Amazon for an informative, in depth learning experience of Ecuador’s rich and diverse wildlife and is home to more than half of the plants and animals on earth.

The journey would then wrap up in the Galapagos islands just off the coast of Ecuador. An archipelago formed by volcanic activity, the children will learn about geography as well as about biodiversity and the great biologist Charles Darwin here in the Galapagos. Here the kids will experience many weird and wonderful species, most of which only live here on the islands. With no natural predators, many of these creatures are easier to appreciate up close.

Looking to take on Worldschooling for yourself? Travelers can arrange a one on one phone appointment with Monica who will happily advise you on worldschooling your kids. Contact us today to start planning!


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