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99.7% of Galapagos Population is Vaccinated!


Yampu Tours is proud of our dedication and commitment to the wellbeing of our destinations around the globe, including Ecuador and its enigmatic Galapagos Islands. Our efforts, while focused heavily on protecting the incredible biodiversity of the Galapagos, are also aimed at providing sustainable economic growth to the small but remarkable communities living and working in the archipelago.


Our local naturalist guides and crew members have been doing everything they can to overcome the challenges of the ongoing pandemic. As a result of the government’s current strategy for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the population of Galapagos has been through a highly successful immunization campaign, with the large majority of adults above the age of 18 being inoculated.



This vaccination milestone includes 98% of our local travel experts (we are working hard to achieve 100% in the coming weeks) This means we can look forward to an even safer and more relaxed return to sustainable tourism in the region!


When our local office resumed operations in August of 2020, we did so with stringent biosafety protocols to guarantee the health of our travelers and local travel experts alike. Our devoted travelers who visited during this strange time can attest that every precaution was in place to help them safely enjoy all that the islands have to offer.



Free Airfare in 2021!

It is encouraging to see our fellow tour operators resume activities in the Galapagos and we are certain this will have a positive impact on the economy.


To celebrate, from now through the remainder of 2021, all passengers will receive free airfare from the mainland to the islands when booking sailing dates aboard one of our select vessels (excluding peak season dates). Click the images below for more details!














We are excited that the Galapagos is once again one of the safest destinations in the world, and, with the local population being almost entirely vaccinated, we believe travelers everywhere will want to come explore the enchanted isles once again.


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